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Managing Director | SKYWALK UTILITIES limited

Jo Gilbert
Adversity makes life more interesting. Overcoming it makes life more meaningful.

Strength & Power

I find it so frustrating and confusing when people say to me ‘OMG you’re so lucky’ my usual response is to politely smile while having a quiet split-second memory flashback of why I don’t perceive this statement to be true. Strength and Power takes you on a journey through my life and describes all of the setbacks and adversity I have faced. Some of you may be facing right now – including losing a loved one to cancer, domestic violence, rape, homelessness, being unemployed and on benefits, divorce, being a single parent, serious illness, debt, fuel poverty to name a few. I’ll share with you my quiet split-second thoughts when people say to me ‘OMG you’re so lucky.’ I don’t believe it was because of luck I am where I am today, I guess I found a profound Strength and Power to keep moving forward with determination, and I believe you can too.

About – Jo Gilbert

Its taken me 47 years to become an over night success and “so lucky” according to many people I speak to.  The truth is I have lived a life full of adverse events and set backs, which I have had to find the inner strength and power for and learn to overcome. I kept moving forwards in the belief that life was not meant to be that way.  I am now happily married to Craig my husband of the past 7 years.  We live in our forever home in Stoke-on-Trent, a property we have both dreamed of owning for many years, with our two rescue Podenco dogs from Lanzarote Flor and Louis.  I have three children, Sarah 27 mum to my grandson Charlie aged 6 and Beckii 24 mum to my grandson Finley aged 13 months. both girls from my 1st marriage and my son Tom 21 from my 2nd marriage.

I’m a self employed business entreprenuer, innovator and apparently now an Author.  The Managing Director of Skywalk Utilities Limited a bespoke business for energy innovators, providing white label services and access to the UK energy markets for the public and private sectors.

Key Note Speaker

I have attended and been a guest speaker at many conferences and events over the years, speaking at events held in the O2, the NEC and the Excel Arena.  I’ve have also appeared as a guest speaker online via webinar for various business and networking support groups.

Chalk Talks: I provide talks and support on a number of topics.  Disclaimer – I didn’t obtain my teachings from a university degree, I educated myself at the university of life, it taught me more than a text book ever could, I have experience not theory!  I can cover any of the topics I mention in my book Strength & Power and can also cover many areas of business from start-up right the way through to exit.                                                                                                                                                               Energy Topics:  Market Entry, Becoming an Energy Supplier, Becoming a White Label Provider, Community Energy, Smart Metering, Prepayment, Addressing Fuel Poverty

Feel free to contact me if you feel I can assist your conference, event or group in anyway.

Chalk Talk & Support

Back to basics method of delivering relevant, purposeful content on a particular topic to an audience, either on a 1-2-1 basis or 1 to many. During Chalk Talk & Support, I use props to draw out the key points to take away.   I’m a very visual person and I find this method of training works really well. Delivery is usually in person, but given the fantastic things we can do nowadays with social media, I will be delivering some Chalk Talks which you can subscribe to, direct from my studio.

I’m not a fan of the word ‘Coaching’ it does seem to be the in-thing just lately with coaches popping up everywhere making promises of all kinds, mostly focussed on income generation.   Well, I’m not going to make you any promises, other than I will share with you some key learnings from my life, my books and the success steps I have taken to get where I am today.  I believe you should focus on being your best self, delivering a fantastic product or service, building a sustainable business that has exemplary customer experience, the income will flow from that naturally as a by-product.

Given my vast experience across a broad range of life’s adverse topics, and my successes in business my Chalk Talks & Support will cover an array of subjects on a personal and professional level.

Services Available to You

Key Note Speaker

If you are looking for a guest speaker or panalist at your conference or event.  I have a vast experience of  conference speaking appointments.

1-2-1 Support

For those looking for 1-2-1 support, personal and professional growth packages.

Chalk Talks

Various topics are discussed in person, online via podcasts and videos.  The perfect tool kit to add to your personal and business development.


For Individuals or Businesses looking for strategic advice and support to help them or their organisation plan for sustainable growth

Chalk Talks

When Adversity Strikes
In this Chalk Talk and Support Session we cover Adversity.

Adversity put plain and simply is when a situation or circumstance doesn’t work in your favour and makes you feel very uncomfortable.  Your sub-conscious mind instantly selects you a ‘coping mechanism’ from a rather long pre-defined list and over time your conscious mind adjusts this initial selection to one you are more comfortable with and aligned to.  So the situation or circumstance you were originally facing no longer makes you feel discomfort or stress, or at least reduces those feelings to something which you find more acceptable.

I will cover adverse life situations such as divorce, unemployment, cancer, ill health, domestic violence, poverty and financial hardship, just some of the topics covered in my book Strength and Power.

Showing Up for Yourself
In this Chalk Talk, we cover how to show up for ourselves.  Its easy to show up for other people, but when it comes to actually doing something for ourselves our sub-conscious mind of chatter will coming running in to fill your head with all sorts of noise – your not good enough, no-one will like me, what if I fail, the chatter is constant until it convinces us to stand still.

Have you ever been invited to a party and come up with endless reasons why you can’t go e.g. its cold outside, ill miss my favourite TV programme, I don’t know anyone, I’ll be on my own, what if no-one talks to me, I don’t fit in.  Right up to the point where you either don’t show up and offer no explanation for the no show or you contact who ever invited you and make up some story like your cat got sick.

What about not applying for that dream job?  Starting your own business?  Going on that dream holiday? or meeting your dream partner? I guarantee you aren’t showing up because the sub-conscious mind chatter is holding you back.  We look at these barriers to moving forwards and break down these self sabotaging beliefs.

Coping Mechanisms
Did you know that there are 8 different types of coping mechanisms?

  • Adaptive
  • Attack
  • Avoidance
  • Behavioural
  • Cognitive
  • Conversion
  • Defense
  • Self-harm

These can then be broken down even further in to 40 different sub categories.  In these Chalk Talks I explore the A-Z of coping mechanisms, how and why we select a particular mechanism depending on the adversity we may be facing at that time.

Goal Setting
Lets talk Goal Setting.  There are two basic steps of goals setting, firstly deciding what is is you want to achieve, and secondly why you want to achieve it.  Next you need to get really smart about this and when I say smart I mean SMART.

Specific:  get the details down of what it is you are trying to achieve. Be as specific as possible, simply saying id like a new car is a start but it isn’t enough. Better is “Id like a new family saloon, with additional safety features so I can take the kids out on day trips when they are on school holidays in April”

Measurable: When do you want to achieve this goal by and how are you going to measure your progress towards achieving it? Be as precise as possible here.

Achievable: If your goal is seemingly unachievable you will give up, always celebrate the small wins, take small positive achievable steps and as I would tell anyone never try to swallow the whole cake, a slice at a time is plenty.

Realistic: SO you want to become a millionaire but you’re earning national minimum wage?  Great, Im not saying one day you won’t become a millionaire but you will need to be realistic about how you are going to achieve this – theres is a lot of planning and hardworking involved, unless of course you hit the lottery jackpot but highly unlikely the odds are stacked against us.

Timely: Set yourself a time frame in which to achieve the goal.  If you don’t there won’t be anything urgent about the delivery of it so it will always get pushed to one side or worse completely forgotten about and given up on.  Goals without timeframes are simply dreams with no action plan.

Next we will begin to visualise your goal to make this seem even more realistic, if you can see it in your mind, you will feel it in your heart and do everything in your power to get to the goal destination.

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