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Jo Gilbert

An innovative utilities expert offering industry professionals consultancy, coaching and specialised training solutions.

Are you considering becoming an Energy Supplier or White Label Company?

I can help you!  I come from a place of vast experience having now worked with and supported several new entrants to market and white label companies.  We can cover everything a market entry programme needs, right the way to full market entry and live operations.  I can support you through competitive and OJEU procurement activity, ensuring you select the right service and software partners for your business needs at the best price.

Business strategy and planning is vitally important, given the ever growing and ever changing landscape of the UK energy markets you need to ensure your business plan is sound and can deliver on its promises.  Competing on price alone in todays market will not get you the desired results, customer service, technology and digital innovation are leading the way.

Don’t under estimate how important it is to Invest now in the right resources, technology and data

Are you an existing business or start-up looking for support?

  • Business Planning
  • Business Strategy
  • Operational Performance
  • Call Centre Operations
  • Customer Service / Journey / Experience
  • Regulation & Complaince
  • KPI’s
  • Continuous Process Improvement (DMAIC)
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Customer Retention



Do you need a Key Note Speaker?

I have attended and been guest speaker at many conferences and events over the years, speaking at events held in the O2, the NEC, various local events with the LEP, PRASAG, EMEX, APSE conference, The Public Sector Show to name a few.

Topics Including:  Market Entry, Becoming an Energy Supplier, Becoming a White Label Provider, Community Energy, Smart Metering, Prepayment, Addressing Fuel Poverty

Feel free to contact me if you feel I can assist your conference event in anyway.


Training Solutions & Coaching

I am currently developing several e-learning and digital training packages with download templates and reports.  There are so many organisations out there needing advice and support on market entry or business start-up, operational process improvement, customer service improvement etc.  Why not head over to the Training Page and check out the courses that will be available over the coming weeks.

If you can’t find what you need why not drop me a message and we can set up a complimentary discovery call.




For Public and Private Sector Organisations looking for strategic advise and support in the UK Energy Markets

Online Courses

For those looking to brush up their skills in certain areas of running or working in an operational business

1-2-1 Coaching

For those looking for 1-2-1 support to help them enhance and further develop their career in the Energy Sector.  Or businesses or individuals who would benefit from having a ‘go to’ person at hand.

Key Note Speaker

If you are looking for a guest speaker or panalist at your conference or event.  I am happy to discuss topics I can cover off.  I have a wide experience of the conference circuit for many different organisations.

Programme Delivery


At some stage in the business lifecycle, your business will embark on a major project. This may be the development of a new IT system, an organisational re-structure, or even the acquisition and subsequent integration of another company. Project or Programme Design & Mobilisation is the process that takes such a business proposal, concept or goal and turns it into a tangible project to deliver the business objectives. It is the most critical stage in any project or programme if design parameters are flawed, the project will be doomed to failure.

Allow Smart Change to effectively manage all your mobilisation needs. Our team of experts will work with you to ensure your business objectives are met.

Project Delivery

Businesses can create enormous advantage and shareholder value by turning revenue-generating ideas into reality. By putting the right people, tools and techniques in place and being accountable for delivery, we ensure business benefits realisation.

Smart Change Project Delivery service will ensure that all projects are successfully delivered. We will enable this by:
• providing the best programme and project managers and project specialists
• injecting the required drive, energy and enthusiasm
• taking accountability, responsibility and ownership
• deploying proven tools and techniques
• providing solutions tailored precisely to the organisations needs

Project Office

A high performance Project, Programme or Portfolio Management Office (PMO) should act as the nerve centre for delivering complex change. It should also seek to deliver real value to the business way beyond just being a passive reporting mechanism. As a result, senior management will develop trust in the team and build confidence in a programmes progress and its future ability to deliver meaningful business benefits.

Smart Change will deploy specialist consultants, backed by trusted methodologies and toolkits.


In most organisations, the demand for project work far exceeds the capacity to deliver it. Project Portfolio Optimisation is the process which establishes and maintains the optimal balance between the projects, their constraints and the overarching business strategy. It allows informed decisions to be made on the composition of a business portfolio of programmes, projects and initiatives.

Our approach will ensure that the broad range of strategic priorities is achieved through an appropriate mix of projects

Health Check

Successful project delivery is critical to the wellbeing of any business. Project success is achieved through confidence in the health of a project and through being able to anticipate potential issues early enough to act on them. However, project sponsors, managers and the project team are often so involved in the day-to-day activities that they fail to acknowledge the true status of a project. Risks and issues go undetected or are ignored simply because the project team has blind faith that the benefits will materialise, or because they are so involved in the daily operational detail that they can’t see the big picture.

Allow Smart Change to complete an independent project Health Check & Audit providing a detailed, factual and impartial analysis of a project. It will provide you a clear understanding of the project and help to convince Executive teams to proceed with a project or reassure them once it is underway that it is the right thing to do and it is being done in an effective way.

Project Rescue

Projects can fail. Large scale, complex or high-risk projects are the most likely victims.
The problem is that most businesses either do not recognise the symptoms of failure early enough, or do not know what actions to take to recover or even salvage a failing project. Project Rescue drives rapid recovery action to turnaround the expected outcome of a project.

The very nature of a Project Rescue relies on raising the game and increasing the speed of resolution of key project issues. However, this will necessitate highly experienced project managers who know and understand the Rescue process you only get one chance to rescue a project and retain stakeholder buy-in – Smart Change Consulting Ltd, are here to provide a Smart Solution to rescue your project and ensure a successful delivery.

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