In November 2017, I was admitted to hospital for the second time with suspected sepsis and a really bad kidney infection. It was quite a challenging time for me especially as I am self-employed and if I’m unable to work for my clients I don’t get paid. It was back then, some six months ago now that I decided to write my book Strength & Power, although in the early weeks my book was actually called My Journey to Epic.

Its a standing joke in one of the mastermind groups I’m in with Female Success Network. The book cover design I got back from Fiverr website was so bad and no matter how many times I asked for revisions it just didn’t get any better! The first one I was sent had a man on the front cover it was just awful, and the girls in the mastermind very kindly edited for me as a joke! I knew I needed help!

It was early February when I engaged the services of Authors and Co.  The package that they were offering for new and aspiring authors was exactly what I needed really if I was ever going to get my book to be anything more than a few mixed up blogs posts and that diabolical book cover design.  There was no real structure or logical format to anything I was writing but I knew I had a story to write and share,

The package I decided to take with Authors and Co included;

  • Book Strategy Calls
  • Book cover design with a graphic designer
  • Portrait photography for the back cover
  • A photo shoot with my book once it was released
  • Website support
  • Exclusive PR package

Once I had a clear structure for my book and I knew what word count I needed to meet for each chapter and sub-chapter it made the whole writing process so much easier.  First of all, I began to voice record myself as I was going through the early thinking stages for each chapter to determine really if there was a chapter’s worth of content to even write about.  Next, I would relisten to my voice recording and begin to write each sub-chapter out, and if the words wouldn’t come for me I would leave it until I could find the right words and ensure I was writing in my authentic voice and that I was in the right frame of mind to accept the challenge that I had set myself.

My book is a timeline journey of my life starting from when I was six and a half years old right through to today, so covering forty years of my life. The first twenty years in the book are littered with adverse events which I experienced and the next twenty years cover how I rose through the adversity to become my very own version of success, I was still experiencing adversity, however, I was dealing with it in a much more enlightened and empowered way.  Some people may not see me as successful as we all measure success in different ways and see life through very different lenses. I am very proud of my achievements and I am happy to tell myself I am successful.

As my book was so personal, I really did go on an emotional rollercoaster as it brought up some very challenging and difficult subjects for me to cover, including domestic violence and losing my dad to cancer at eleven years old. As I was audio recording the early chapters I had to keep pausing the recording to have a good cry and give my head a wobble to get my act together.  The whole book writing process has such a steep learning curve for me, it has just been quite magical and I feel like I have come through it now a much stronger person.

I am really proud of what I have achieved with the help and support of the team at Authors & Co, the proof, as the saying goes, is in the pudding. Well on 11th May 2018 my best seller campaign was launched on Amazon, by 10:30am that day I had gone straight in at number 1 in every category my book was listed in.  By 2pm that day I was number 1 best seller on Amazon in seven categories. I had been featured on and had media inquiries from the local papers, local radio and the BBC. Every review so far has received 5* and I have received countless personal messages of support and thanks for the book, some of the messages have had me in tears as readers have shared with me thier own personal experiences of some horrific adverse events they have had to deal with. Amazon has also now given my book the #1 Best Seller banner.

I couldn’t have done any of this without the amazing support of Abigail Horne and Sarah Stone of Authors & Co, and I am looking forward to releasing my next book with them later this year.