Entrepreneur from Stoke is No 1 Best Selling Author on Amazon TODAY (bdaily.co.uk)

An entrepreneurial mum of 3 from Stoke-On-Trent, is celebrating a new chapter, when at the age of 47 she’s celebrating becoming a best-selling author, as her book, Strength and Power flew straight in at No1 on 4 categories on Amazon today.

Telling the story a world filled with extreme domestic violence, being bullied by so called friends, suffering a brain injury from a car accident, to being homeless and nearly dying from sepsis, Jo’s book charts adversity she has faced, and tells how she overcame it. Available for today at just 99p Jo has released the book at this price to give access to all, via Amazon before if is then released at full price.

With this book, her mission is now supporting ‘Britain’s underdogs’ as she knows what it’s like to have the odds stacked against you, but wants others to realise you can still win. Bringing this book to life through Authors & Co, whose focus is on telling stories of those who are keen to inspire and leave a legacy, has all been part of Jo drawing a line under her traumatic past, which started with losing her dad to cancer at a young age, and she’s finding a positive purpose to channel her experiences into.

As you read of Jo’s traumatic times, what you also get with this book is her ‘rising from the ashes story’ – her journey as she has taken back control of her life, from being on benefits with not a penny to her name and skipping meals to pay for coal, to becoming a high net worth individual and successful entrepreneur on track to make £1million. Her strength of mind is what saved her. She said: “I was going to be strong, find us a home, get myself a job and make my children proud – they would want for nothing. I was not going to allow my 2 failed marriages and my past to define who I was, but I would let it define who I became”.

We hear how Jo’s determination saw her climb the career ladder, going from jobless on benefits, to working nights around her kids, to only 8 years later being a company director recognised at the top of her game in the Utilities sector with earnings of £89K per month. She credits an individual from the local council office who she met at her lowest point, who told her that ‘none of this was her fault’ and encouraged her to ‘stop hiding’ and celebrate her strength, as being the most significant person in her turnaround.

We also see the dogged side of Jo as we get to hear of her carefully planned revenge on her cheating ex husband who beat her, as Jo takes us on her journey when she found renewed confidence, and we can’t help but salute the strength she found. She said: “When I looked in the mirror I now saw Jo – an empowered women who was never going to take shit again from anyone, the bruises would fade over time, but I wouldn’t”.

Having achieved success Jo has now sold her fast cars and downsized her house to live a much simpler life as her focus shifts to the role she feels she needs to play in helping support others. With happy kids and a happy marriage, she is now taking some time to refocus from the corporate world she’s been recently thriving in, to train in meditation and mindfulness to help others who are struggling to find their strength and has also created a range of online courses focused on teachings to help others overcome and deal with adversity.

She said: “For a while achieving in business was my way of proving I had risen from the ashes, that a lot of crap had happened to me but I had fought back and was strong, and was able to provide a great life for my kids. This did make me proud after everything we had been through but I now live from a place of gratitude and know I had to suffer to be able to help others. I know I can help pull people out of darkness. I’ve been there and I clawed my way out – I am now keen to show others the way, to hopefully fast track their recovery time and get them on the right path much more quickly. I’ve decided to divert my attention from my Utilities company for now, to refocus my energy on sharing what I’ve learnt during my struggle, to help others. It is without a doubt the strength of my mind that has enabled me to move on from my adversities and I’m passionate about empowering others who have hit rock bottom with the skills to help them move on too.”

She has also recently joined the team at Female Success Network, a thriving online community specialising in helping women achieve their version of success in life or business, working alongside the founders to support even more women globally in achieving their dreams.

Jo said: “I am now 47 years young and only interested in earning what I need now, and enjoying life – my days are gone of chasing money. I’m learning to love myself and life a little more each day and I’m on a mission to have an impact after a year of reflection. The process of writing this book has very much been a cathartic exercise and I can’t thank Authors & Co enough -they have helped me write this book within 6 months and held my hand the whole way – I couldn’t have done it without them. I now want to help others feel empowered by their story and through my new courses and my role at Female Success Network I am sure I can make an impact”. Jo added: “At my lowest points, I often felt like I was on my own, like no-one understood me. I’m here to change lives- this is what it’s about for me now. Helping others so they never have to experience that rock bottom I felt”.

Jo’s coaching will cover how to achieve and maintain a strong mindset, how to create a clarity and vision around your future and how to find peace in the past. You can find out more via jogilbert.co.uk